Make Your Own Canopic Jars

How to make your own mysterious looking Canopic Jars.

Get all the correct materials:

Some kind of cup


Paint: Sage Green, White, Black, and King's Gold Clay

Paintbrushes (several different sizes)

Tape the cup so the surface of the cup is somewhat slippery.

Get a lot of clay and get into a roll so it can fit around the whole cup (including the bottom).

Wrap the clay around the entire cup and stick in everything that you can so it will hold. So there you have the bottom part of the Canopic Jar. Then let the jar dry for about 1 day or until you see that it's dry.

Understand that the hard part is the top of the jar. Start making a small part on the circumference around the top of the jar. Then you work from there and stop at some point a the top because it is so small.

Make the face of the person you are doing. Once you make the face and it dries, you paint the jar however you want . You could even try to get it off the Internet.

When you are doing a face for your Canopic jar top or stopper, there are four different faces. But if you don't want to do a face from that you can make your own or just have a lid with no face on it or anything.

Also you might try making the tops appear like ancient Egyptian gods, where these canopic jars originated from.

From wikihow - the free manual.

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