Canopic Jars And Human Organs

A big part of ancient Egypt mummification process was the use of canopic jars. The organs of the deads were removed from the human body and were put into separate jars. The jars called canopic jars because the ancient Egyptian wanted to preserve those organs and prevent them from decomposing.

The heart and the brain were the only organs that were`nt stored in the canopic jars. The first organ the heart was considered the center of the soul and the inner power of every person therefore they decided to keep this organ within the dead body. As for the he brain, they thought that it was not important at all and thought it didn't serve any purpose, because they thought the heart was like the brain, and centre for the soul. So they used a small stick, stuck it up the nose, and pulled the brain out of the nostril. And threw it away.

Other important organs that have been put in the Canopic Jars were lungs, stomach, liver and intestines; they all removed from the body and put it to four different canopic jars. Those organs also have been washed carefully with white wine as stated thousands of years ago: "In water you see your own face, but in wine the heart of its garden".

The ancient Egyptian believed that the human organs were holy and possessed hidden powers. Lot's of sorcerers tried to steal them from the canopic jars and considered very powerful magician that can cast evil spells.

To the canopic jars were not just nice pop up displays that stored dead people's organs, They were very important part of life after death.

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